How to Get a Delicious Dish from Japanese Quail?

Quail meat dishes are part of our cuisine for years. Until few years ago, they are famous in country side than in the city because of no availability. Things have changed and now you can order your favourite organic meats online and prepare your favourite recipes in your home itself.

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As you can get it delivered to your doorstep from the best online grocery store, we will learn how to get a delicious dish using Japanese quail.

Quail come in various sizes and flavours, ranging from the mild, soft and tiny coturnix quail, just check if you can have organic option which is more flavourful than others. Unlike other meats like CHICKEN or mutton (which if we buy one whole chicken is good to make dish for 4-5 people), you should have 4-5 pieces of Japanese quail to make enough quantity of dish. Organic meats online store kept generally an option of 5 pieces, so don’t much bother for it.

Roasting the Japanese Quail to prepare your dish:

Regardless of species, all quail roast the same. The basic rule for quail is hot and fast. And when we say it, we really mean it. Means it should be really hot and really fast.  You can roast it at 500°F for about 15 minutes or so. This will cook your little birds precisely, although it will get a little pale in colour or look.

Tip: To get more juicy and tender meat, always start with room temperature birds.

What if you want to get the brown look instead if pale colour. Shallow fry it in lots of butter for pretty brown look. Butter will brown birds faster than oil and as well, it will give you some amazing taste.

Another way to get the tempting brown look is to blowtorch the bird after it comes out of the oven. Either way works, but if you do it, roast the quail a bit less, like maybe 10 to 12 minutes.

Finally, if you have access to a pizza oven or something else that gets to 600°F or even hotter, you can just blast your quail for about 5 minutes. All depend on which kind of device you are using and which is your taste. Afterall, taste are differ person to person.

Whatever you do, keep things simple. The flavour of quail is a little bit like chicken, but subtly different.

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