If you place your order with us before 12 midnight, we deliver it right on the next day.

We deliver all over Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida

While placing the order online you can find multiple payment options for online payment  as well as for COD

You can cancel your order 1 day prior to the day of delivery.

We have a strict 24 hour return policy. Any product that has been delivered may be reported within 24 hours of delivery in order for us to process a replacement for the same.


Since we are an E-commerce store, payment of the purchased item is to be made either while placing the order or while receiving the order.

Refer to expiry date on the packet for more information.

All vegetables are brought to you straight from the farms. The transit period from the farm to your doorstep is anywhere between 1-3 days depending on the product. (With the exception of imported items).

Most of the items have an option available to choose directly from. In case this option is not available in a particular item you can mention your requirement in the notes section while placing your order.

All our meat products are Halal by default, however, in case you require Jhatka, kindly mention the same in the notes category while placing your order and the same will be processed.

Whole chicken cut into 12 pieces.

We deal in farm fresh, free range, antibiotic free, gmo free meats which are superior in quality as well as nutritional value.  The conventional meat that is readily available in the market does not even qualify the bare minimum food safety standards due to how it is grown, sourced, handled, processed and packed. Conventional meat has a high amount of antibiotics and gmo content which has adverse effects on the human body in long term. Our meats come from the best farms known for their quality and our meats are selected with utmost care by a team of highly qualified experts .

We deal in Organic, farm fresh and natural vegetables that are sanitized with a chemical free process which provide a higher nutritional value and freshness.

All our produce comes straight from farms based all over India. Farms strategically located in order to get best quality produce with help from the whether and land conditions in those areas.

Avocado, Black berry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, imported cherries, grapefruit, kafir lime, longan, mangosteen, new zealand apple, passion fruit, peach, pomelo, rambutan, red globe, rose apple, Norwegian Salmon, smoked salmon are the products that are imported by us, rest all the items are local grown.

Yes it is safe to freeze it and then thaw it at the time of consumption.

All our products are sanitized through a chemical free process and vacuum packed which increases the life of the product. The product if frozen on the same day will maintain its integrity for the next 3 months.

We at Digi’s Fresh do not have a culture of storing frozen products for a long period of time.

If you order a frozen product, the item you’ll receive will be freshly frozen i.e. it will be processed and frozen within a period of a few hours. So the frozen product will also be fresh meat.

Further information of the processing of the product can be found on the packaging itself.

Nope. No pork, no beef.

Lamb is the young line of a sheep(less than 1 year old), while Goat is a separate species altogether. Lambs and sheep have wool on them. Goats do not.

Sheep always follow their shepherd. The shepherd always leads from the front and the sheep nearly always obediently follow. Goats on the other hand not clannish, so they are bred in individual households and never in groups.

Sheep have a sheep dog to protect them, and their shepherd to lead them to green pastures. Goats find solace in roaming within the vicinity of their master’s den.

There is a distinct difference between the meat of lamb, sheep and goat.

Lamb meat is called just lamb. It’s more tender and juicy than mutton(meat of sheep). Sometimes, Goat meat is also called mutton, but there’s a vast difference in taste between sheep, mutton and goat mutton.

No, you cannot club more than one coupons on a single offer. Only one coupon per order.

Yes we do take bulk order. For bulk orders you can drop in a mail to us at with the subject : Bulk Order Query.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact us directly at 9599939319 and we shall do the needful at the earliest.

No, we do not have outlets as we are an exclusively online based store. You can use our website to place your order and it will be delivered to you on the next day.

We have opened delivery options for most of the areas in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. In case you face an issue while placing the order, kindly clear your browser cache and refresh the website. If your area is open for delivery you will be able to place the order after this.

In case you are still unable to place your order, please contact customer care at 959993919.

Delivery charge of Rs. 200 is levied only on orders below Rs. 1000.

All orders above Rs. 1000 are delivered free of cost.

All delivery executives are kitted with protective gloves, masks, sanitizers, sunglasses/specs and an extra layer of protective clothing. Moreover, their temperature is noted on multiple occasions throughout the day. They along with their transport are sanitized from head to toe at the time of entry at the processing unit. Strict medical record of all company personnel is being maintained by us at all times.

It is not advised however is still possible and it is what our delivery executives are instructed to follow at all times. At the time of delivery the delivery executives are instructed to take the cash directly in a packet so that they do not come in direct contact with the currency. This packet will be placed on your doorstep along with the delivery. Once the delivery executives reaches the said location and places the order at your doorstep, he will contact you to receive the order. While receiving the order you are advised to place the cash payment in the said packet which will be later picked up by the delivery executive.

Although we follow this process to the T, we do advise making payments online in order to maintain better safety standards for you as well as our delivery executives.

In case you have placed your order as COD and wish to make the payment online, you can always contact customer care at 9599939319 and they will provide you with an online payment link or Paytm scanner whichever is convenient.

When you place your order through the website, there is a notes section on the delivery details page where you can mention contactless delivery. With that you can make the payment online so that while making the delivery our there is no exchange of cash. Our delivery executive will then deliver the product at your doorstep, take a few steps back to create appropriate distance and give you a call to inform you of the same. Once you’ve come outside and received/ checked your order the delivery executive will take your leave.

Being in the organic food industry and A+ grade product quality being our pillar, our pre covid -19 health and safety regulations were already quiet stringent. From cleanliness of the processing unit to sanitization of delivery executives, everything was already being followed in the best possible way. However, with the covid – 19 outbreak we have made a few more additions to our processes including sanitizer spray on all personnel and vehicles entering the premises; multiple temperature checks of all personnel entering the facility. To keep all such information transparent for our clients, we now put temperature tags on all invoices containing the temperature of the processing in charge, inspection in charge and the delivery executive.

In terms of organic vegetables and fruits, the process to apply for a certification requires the farmer to get fresh decontaminated soil, a structure is created in the ground to stop mixing/ contamination of the soil then the farmer has to get the soil tested (lab tests are expensive). Then they need to put up poly houses on the cultivable land (also expensive) and arm those poly houses with automated irrigation systems and temperature control systems. After this is done the farm goes through 3 stages of organic certification through 3 years to finally be officially organically certified.

Moreover, since there is no use of pesticides, or growth promoters, the time taken for the crop to be fully grown is longer and the yield on an average is at least 20% less than the conventional one.

All these items clubbed together make it a risky as well as expensive process for the farmer.


In terms of antibiotic free, no gmo, residue free, farm fresh, free range meat. Unlike conventional farms where the birds are kept in less than 1sqft cages and loaded with growth hormone to shorten their growth period to a mere 30-35days and fed antibiotics to decrease the mortality rate in order to get a better yield, the “organic farmers” need to invest in bigger chunks of land for the bird to have space of at least 3-4sqft per bird (when they are inside the pen). Furthermore, these birds need to be out on the open for at least 6 hours a day to give them enough exercise to make the birds healthier. Moreover, without the use of antibiotics it makes I difficult for the farmers to deal with diseases with nothing but natural home remedies which in turn gives a slightly higher mortality rate than conventional farmers. Also, since there is no use of growth hormones the birds take on an average 45-60 days to be fully prepped.

The added capital requirement, the added risk of return and the longer growth period add substantially to the cost of these products.

In India there are multiple bodies that provide organic certifications to producers as well as traders.

These private/govt bodies provide all their signees with a database where the organic producers have to upload their produced organic stock. Then after the traders place their purchase order with these certified organic producers they have to register their purchase on this database and pay a certain fee for the use of the organic certification on top of the price paid for the product. This makes the system of organic food channels quiet transparent. Moreover, companies/ personnel listing with these bodies go through stringent background checks and multiple rounds of audit before they are eligible to apply for such certifications. Once you are registered with these bodies, there are surprise audits throughout the year. For organic producers, it is a process of 3 years after which they are officially certified organic.

In terms of fruits and vegetables, apart from the added  pesticides, taste makers, growth promoters, polish etc there is a major difference in the amount of antioxidants present in organic food and conventional food. Depending on the product organic products have 20% to 65% more antioxidants when compared to conventional products. Moreover, organic foods are ensured to be fresher than conventional foods. Since there are no synthetic materials added to increase its shelf life, organic products available in the market are farm fresh.

In terms of meats, organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal by products. Feeding livestock animal by products increases the risk of mad cow disease and the use of antibiotics can create antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Organically raised animals are given more space to move around and access to the outdoors, which help to keep them healthy. Organic meat are richer in certain nutrients. Results of a 2016 European study show that levels of certain nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, were up to 50 percent higher in organic meat and milk than in conventionally raised versions. Organic food is GMO-free. Genetically Modified Organisms or genetically engineered foods are plants whose DNA has been altered in ways that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding, most commonly in order to be resistant to pesticides or produce an insecticide.

Throughout their lifespan, conventional products come in contact with multiple artificial agents during different stages of processing. This involves pesticides, artificial sweetening, polish to keep the shiny, growth promoters to increase the size at a faster rate. These added artificial agents react in the human body on different stages.

Moreover, if we talk about the meat industry, India as of today does not have an official body to certify meat as organic. The closest we get to it is farm fresh, antibiotic free, residue free meat which in place of a certification is supported by lab test reports. The conventional meat we get in the market is packed with antibiotics, growth hormones etc which help the companies get the produce ready in a shorter time frame.

These artificial agents that are added in the conventional processes react in the human body in different ways. These are especially harmful for children and can lead to formation of deformities.