Digi’s Fresh End of the Season Sale: Grab 20% Discount

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The esteemed organic store is the one ultimate destination for all your organic food needs. It serves all the organic vegetables, fruits, exotic meats and seafood at a very optimal price. One thing you can be assured while making purchases from the store is the products quality and freshness. One will get the best organic fresh products and protect your health by sitting at your homes. All the products available are fully chemical free with no adulterations in it. In today’s technological era even our food is connected with technology and various additions have been done to the foods that make it unhealthy to consume. Like the additions of artificial colors to make it more attractive can actually, in the long run, make your health suffer. Therefore, it is important to refer to the organic products that are grown naturally that are without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

So, make why not make your shopping more rewarding!!

Digi’s fresh the renowned exotic grocery store is offering you a great deal this time. It has launched the end of the season sale on all exotic meat products. You just need to select your favorite ones from the list which you want to order and apply the coupon for getting the discount in it at the end. The coupon code that is needed is the SPRING20. This amazing deal is only valid up to a certain period. So, avail it before the offer gets over. You can also avail other offers also that the store is providing. Like the free shipping on the minimum orders Rs. 1200 and enjoy the fresh organic products easily. These are not the only environment-friendly but also tasty than the local ones as they are free from adulterations in it. You can buy these exotic foods sitting at your comfort zones and save your precious energy and time.


Digi’s fresh believes that “Our identity is our birth-right possession and what we choose to do with it depends on our creation”. Digi’s Fresh serves the very organic products fresh from their farms that guarantee hygiene and safety. The product ranges from fresh fruits and vegetables to exotic meats and fish. It is an ultimate one-stop destination for all organic food needs. Digi’s Fresh is among the very few people in India that sells its own products so it guarantees the quality and freshness of its products.  The products in the farms are sanitized with a chemical-free process and no life span is used in the lifespan of the products.  For more information, contact Digi’s Fresh at +91 9599939319, info@digisfresh.com or contact online at www.digisfresh.com.

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