All You Need to Know About Orange Pekoe Tea

orange pekoe tea

At this time of pandemic when our Nation is suffering with new Corona attack, its duty of us to fight with it and defeat it. As there is no permanent cure is found till date, we can make ourselves stronger with a great immunity boost diet so that chances of getting ill can be reduced. If we are protecting ourselves and our loved one, we are protecting the Nation. Buy organic food in India so that you can eat healthy and stay safe just like Orange Pekoe Tea.

What is Orange Pekoe Tea?

Orange pekoe tea is a type of black tea with numerous health benefits for overall wellbeing. It provides a strong flavour. The term “orange pekoe” refers to any medium-grade black tea with leaves of a specific size. It is brewed from the dried leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. Studies have shown that orange pekoe has the ability to reduce chances of a heart attack occurring with the consumption of three or more cups of the tea daily.

Where Did the ‘Orange’ Part Come From?

In the 1600s, the Dutch Royal Family of the House of Orange brought this tea to Europe. They reserved the best grade of black tea for the royals. When it was introduced into the market, vendors preferred to call it ‘orange’ pekoe, thus associating themselves with royalty!

Why You Should Consume Orange Pekoe Every day?

Like many types of black tea, the health benefits of drinking orange pekoe are plenty. So make it in your list if you buy organic food in India. As the epidemic condition is getting worse, we should adopt this healthy habit. Let’s take a look on count of benefits:

  • Competent to Disease Fighting: As it is full of antioxidants, scientists believe that orange pekoe tea and other black tea varieties could play a role in preventing cancer. These antioxidants can prevent damage to cellular DNA and keep cancer at bay.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health: We have heard many people suffer from a condition called endothelial dysfunction, which may be an underlying cause of heart disease. One study found that regular consumption of orange pekoe and other varieties of black tea can prevent this condition, which could lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Synergistic Effect with Antibiotics: In one study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, black tea was shown to complement the effects of antibiotics when working against common intestinal infections. When you sip orange pekoe tea (and many of its related blends), you enjoy much more than a flavourful cup of a popular brew.

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