Our Story

“Our identity is our birth-right possession. What we choose to do with it depends on our creation.”

Ever since growing up I saw my father work with complete integrity and dedication toward his work. Our poultry farm maintained its highest degree of quality and purity. The meat from our farm had unprecedented trust and appreciation throughout.

Having watched the business executed with such precision by my father gave me motivation and inspiration to take the business to another tangent and create an independent identity to keep the family legacy alive. This, as we can say, was the inception of Digi’s Fresh. The world is evolving every minute as we speak. The fear of missing out was not as high as the desperation to create a hallmark of our business in the world for generations to come. That is why we decided to become digital. The world of e-commerce is an entire universe in it is own and becoming a part of it guarantees new heights and a wider horizon to approach people.

Digi’s Fresh serves raw products fresh from our farm that guarantees hygiene and safety. Our products range from fresh quality and exotic meat, vegetables, and fruits. The luscious, aromatic, and juicy flavor of our products will keep you wanting for more.

Digi’s Fresh is your ultimate destination to satiate your cravings. Delivered within no time, our organic products give you the taste of heaven.

Think organic? Think Digi’s Fresh!

Why Us?

At Digi’s Fresh, Our USP lies around the fact that we are among the very few people in India and the only ones in Delhi who are selling our own production so we can guarantee the quality and freshness of the product. Also, we are the only ones producing and selling both meat as well as greens.

Key features include:

  • The whole process of hatching, rearing, cutting, cleaning takes place at our own farm.
  • Our products are sanitized with a chemical free process.
  • No antibiotics used in the lifespan of the product.
  • No GMO (growth hormone).