About us

We work with a network of grassroot farmers forming one single platform for all organic, exotic, farm fresh, imported, premium products.
We get all our products straight from the farms delivered to your doorstep.
Along with the superior quality of products we also use chemical free sanitization methods which make all our produce ready to use/ consume.
This clubbed with our unique and bio degradable, eco-friendly packaging and our personalised delivery fleet make for an A grade customer experience.
Further, we as a brand believe in sustainable development and efficient waste management lead to a complete successful system. Our carry bags are made of jute and all our packaging is either food grade plastic which is a necessity for our vacuum packs or bio degradable packaging.
As for our waste management, we have tie ups with multiple food shelters throughout Delhi where we donate all our excess nonvegetarian items left after processing. Moreover, we have tie ups with cow shelters where we donate all our excess vegetables and fruits left after processing and packaging. (no expired or spoilt items are sent to these places).

Our Story

My father started out as a poultry farmer at the very beginning of this. With the help and relentless support of my mother, they turned the farms into an exotic poultry business on a PAN India level. From my mother’s side of the family, my grandfather had one of his bigger business ventures that dealt with wide supplies of vegetables on a PAN India level. Hence, while growing up and closely observing the world of business, I developed an acumen for it.
I would like to share with you what inspired me to finally take this up as a career. Throughout senior school, I was struggling with obesity and kept wondering how to overcome it. When I went to Bangalore for further studies, I started exploring healthier options as a substitute for my poor eating habits and tried to adapt to a healthier diet on a regular basis. Sure, it was difficult to adjust to a whole new pattern but I was determined and consistent. That was when I noticed a prominent gap since a lot of the healthier food I wanted was not readily available in the market and had to be purchased from various locations. This was not just restricted to the Bangalore market because after finishing my studies, I came back to Delhi to experience a similar problem.
That was when I saw it as an opportunity to use my existing knowledge and experience and club it with the networks and business expertise I had acquired over the years, to capitalise on this situation and fill this void in the market.
We began the operations on December 1, 2018, and our graph has been steadily growing ever since. Our predominant pillars are quality and customer satisfaction since all the products are delivered straight from the farm. In the beginning, we catered only in New Delhi. As of today we cater in Gurugram and Noida as well, and with the current response, we are expected to cover all of NCR in no time