7 Healthiest Super Fruits You Must Add to Your Diet

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Every one of us must have heard from several nutritionists and doctors that: –

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

While Apple can be replaced and combined with other super fruits also that are highly nutritious and advantageous for your health. These fruits can be Kiwi, Papaya, Oranges, Grapes, blueberries, etc.

Fruits must be an important component of our everyday diet. Every fruit provides us with different minerals and minerals that help your body fight with various diseases.

Fruits are just not really delicious and loved by everyone whether a kid or an elderly person these are extremely nutritious that builds one’s immunity and thus reducing risks of several infections like cold, flu and other complications like heart diseases, skin diseases, etc.

Here are some of the healthiest super fruits which must intake and include in your daily diet:


Berries are tasty super fruit that is rich in antioxidants and other important vitamins like vitamin C, K. Blueberries acts a power fruit and helps reduce the risk of severe health ailments like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. One full cup of blueberries is just around 70 calories. These are also popular for providing anti-aging benefits.


Avocados are an exotic super fruit that are highly rich in mono saturated fats that helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. They are rich in fiber and protein also. Avocados also aid in tissue regeneration.


Apples are considered as one of the healthiest fruit on earth. Apples are rich in quercetin and other powerful antioxidants that protect the cells and reducing the risk of several diseases. Fiber present in apples helps to keep you looks younger. A single apple has around 80 calories.


Kiwi fruit is highly rich in vitamin C even higher as compared to several citrus fruits. It is an excellent source of other nutrients like magnesium, potassium that aids in boosting immunity and protecting you from respiratory diseases. It also helps in reducing blood pressure and obesity. You can purchase the best quality from the organic grocery stores online.


Red Grapes another super fruit that is packed with nutrients and vitamins like C and K. One cup of grapes has just 104 calories. They are also a good source of antioxidants that prevent chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Red grapes have certain compounds that benefit your eye health. It is also believed that red grapes help in increasing the memory and cheering up your mood!!

One should try and opt for organic fruits as these are chemical free and has all the vitamins intact in them. You can buy these exotic fruits in Delhi online sitting at your homes at a highly competitive price.

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